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Full text of "Husserl's "Crisis of the European Sciences""

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tlmt the Idea  nature H a zeeh'y nlt. endoeed w, cwid  bodim 
[tl ldut o] a .e nutwal ctust!lty tn width  
Cq3y righted material 
Dmdisrn as the raison for ghe 
of mm;  preuppos/t/on f 6tie 
na-ltnd. anti st mod e bef whle ts dl *om this,* 
Cqoyrighted material 
:M mmal beb e [memyJ as natre% in ard to be tMnjta, 
Me it it luuppo.e :mlmM!  and a subJectm wb,tcb 
aemmphM it? DM not natun, then, tmbsd the  
m result in pmi/aJJir schn2es b2 our sense. Gt1H's naturtl 
Kence dM not aze thumgh a SlXdalizat. ltwas my the 
new sdences which by cmtrast specJ. the idea 
lm rmce t . , . It was, as 
whaw t! indicated, a 1 of a sm.t compley 
1,,,w,,*,ma to Md ttme., desmd concretely u ,. 
Cq3y righted material 
"extdanulen" ,,,,u,.- to that d btyslcs. Tkts notthtandlng 
m a way which  fa  the tdsbmcal thwtlop,m___t  all 
Cqwrighted material 
e:  of uurt{ science, awas auly  pomthe; 
Cq3y righted mat9rial 
was tntere only in what vru wymmadea genera]hl 
ztJicais the finn unfveul ontolog7, Th'ough IL he balkred, the 
similarly ,'rm,U'ucted  a parallel t it. Without this 
12. O.ei etm o/mode,-n 
Pua,r m rrs anent odglns wanted to be 
Cqwrighted material 
ta, the twla 8 eflim .t T o h=stnJtRenm, etc. 
m, H.a as bdonglag   g  
Ccgj,,righted material 
made itself D. lt tn the new namrolht . Im domain 
not pmped!  In tach]. Th   at  
 tim ent  d the pst, tim vetT mul- 
pm'ndoxf ditttonl Hlfhi succem tmnnlhnMts , daily 
4ng  , at lear tn alaz number new 
Ccyrighted material 
WH&T CmLIAC'EZM&S OBJtrC'TSM is that it mov 
ewFy   Jtb in ludf, !tfs the task of episttm. 
OoDyrighted material 
Pan lI / 
claims to have initiated a  new sort o science pmce- 
dictet   a bJeet_____ tn thh ttl 
ttyle. F..feottve mom t eta aletom. ate ehtne of attitud 
Cqwrighted material 
tmnpts to matn ob and to dop it h 
15. /q/ied/o on//  o/oo.- hidorical 
Ccril*d mat9rial 
PmtLf / 7z 
u own. We obtain It not through the critique of Kine pr, ment 
v' (h mt u wa  la  axil trot 
 htntmT, Fet it !u tdmtl tmltT timh te uzdty and 
not mindy as f____ally raqutrad but as a tank  to us the 
once a MmablJm2ent [ll and a dtnca o the 
Cqoyrighted material 
dedsion md het t! natmly    m 
But to ,wry  stahtlsinnent lUrsq! etseny 
belongs a fired  [ldsqm! amimd asa ta,k to 
apodlct  wldcJ in evary ste of ...+.veumnt. is a con- 
mat avanue to new s. havi   of absolute 
rdonen, i.e., th -actw o apodik top.  +Mr lnt pitI 
ophy. as in  task, would havre t-ed at its apodlctc 
be[-, Its htzn d  fro, ward moNteent. (It 
x. , CP*mrte) In thmHt, udmmn, 
Cq:V righted malerial 
Pet// / 73 
way about what, t!otth alZ flume 
ultimately was,  dm hiddan tufty of tntmtiml 
phen[. This tth l estnb]lstmd only 'h', ttm udf-evMn of a 
was Descat who tlcved tud at t! Hme Ih etin  
alm--y as  maxhemafi," An ,.t- 
ately it had t  effect. 
This does not mean, clten (in ____ with our expostrion 
above). that be bad fully and sy thought out this 
Cqoyrighted material 
new idea of univety which appsars in 1s first, relattw main- 
scioness and mtltm, as it was first grasped and maslt in a 
rdatty eta way by Descartes. 
Dmwm not znmy in t! ina d *_b_h_ idea that 
was the o,-,dt,,g hth d th roodurn pmod. It is 
Cct'riohled material 
PxtH / 7,5 
 o diHict to ezhauK that t0Km  wu vnabl to do it, U) 
the emnt that he kt tp away tbs grant chtowry he bad in his 
hands. EvKt today, and lXhaps  today, eqw)v who 
would think  himm m:ght, it seems to me, to study thee 
 o  or by nmy oth dutm  ambiguR:lm 
tias, it b wi gxl  that [ tow d ctMttnb 
spae to ny attorapt at a careful expesttlon, net rzFeattng what 
Deaeart ld. bttt e-acMng what wa :TUy  in 1 
 tnd tn m'Ring what h be____ c3s c n 
what    hh c rather what was 1 ht 
tlm tothe nd Wlat wt oifia i ]tarte thouL 
lmawledp is,  ]lng to ,  
; it must stand upon a foundation of 
Copyrighted material 
if he hts not dnM it. and eyre ahady has 'his y,' he 
truth aidtim'U) unlmtrdd zadicalis far it raacorepro ex- 
but mm tim vlltdity of the lt. and smralmt[  
Norbmden], havn such and such 
djtct. [m. dtt,,,]. tad whtd i,, 
Copyrighteel material 
swer is: If I re-atn rom ttking any ldm on the being 
pie. I m n____,-q_ n tim one ctrrylng Jt out. It,s y 
haein thtt I 9rid lust the alxxficdc Sromxl I was ntidn. d 
one which absolutely exd evy pusfide doubt. No matra- 
how fa ! ay pu my doubt, and  tf I ttyto tbtk that 
dmm ' am' fs at my dis,l. But wR tlq/n  a 
know in tim nntual way. Standing aborn dram nil tn my 
Thus my w   g,   
Cqoyrighted material 
mdguoUS; but untartunay ,hi,, Lmamlgoousz6s stems 
Co. rienzi material 
PzH I 79 
the amtl ef what i gtegln to me (who ant 1 
trig) and thus e,lated to the whoe world, indudiug tii human 
lah, tzut ttm not only h  t thtr Ixes? Is   
 a  way   , [} d  8 
y       v; - it is 
Cqoyrighted material 
and __-,_ _ g to this absuactio at least appmndy, is a 
plemt of  y. ut   
**)  t 
"pheumnenan'  n:hle       Cm 
s . t away a -- ,' m   
all my pidlmop amtempoazhm to my Crd_ Or tO 
into a paradox, the 8reatm,t o all enigmas. Yet perimp, a 
8Xeat deal, lnde everything for a phlly, tums up t! 
Ccrd mat9rial 
tr the [dmlm] e of   to eS3Sica 
tmmanenoe,  tim evidenee o 1 'inns," at *.elt-l)et 
wldch at ttr  bT Mln the epoch al as the 
Co{:y rk3htecl material 
-ld as a'" In the ego and sy.tematcany fmqrmg 
 m,,rp f:eelln, wim,,g, ttr.; r ev  hts lt 
VI and tam th baon to aeh some mod o 
Ccrk3ht malerial 
 2.  as the  point of tro lin 
of deepmeat, rationalism and empiridm. 
nmndmntaHsm of !)msean (if we may alte. ady so ealI Ms 
quene m k 1s wy timm m tl zeallzat:km  tla aalna 
Cqoyrighted material 
lxm m ....- XJOn2(3JT devd01anent, ae we lmow. thtt 
y wb thsw.,a:rt. Mlmm 'rotended m 
Ct"ri rnarl 
or turn Mto the problem the Suds d'the  
gatInn (indeed th most mxthent rod)Jest cd the fmmdntlon.lay- 
naive na the soul b ow taken to be ]tk an dated 
ehan&t. Of eom one qmb qte unavoMa, Ten] n the 
tnt o which we rite eonom  lndudnd na ttchtbat te 
the et t, d2Jnd  __ _.. .............. tt 
Cqwrighted material